Export Entries - Options Missing from Import/Export Page [RESOLVED]

When we go to try and export form entries at Forms > Import/Export and select a form, no additional options appear. We used to see the fields to chose, time frame and download. Now nothing appears to be able to initiated the download. Any ideas why?

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:


I would but I can’t seem to copy the system status info required to submit a post. When I click the Copy System Report button. Nothing happens. Nothing is copied. Any idea why? Site is functioning as normal. Everything is current, WP, PHP all plugins. Can’t figure it out.

From the documentation for the System Report page:

If you find the system report does not copy to the clipboard you will want to run through a theme/plugin conflict test.

If you can’t find any issue, I recommend using the Contact Us form. No system report is required there.

Did a plugin test on staging and yes, the issue appears to be related to this plugin ‘The Events Calendar - Shortcode And Templates Pro’ when that is enabled (and fortunately we don’t need it anymore) it is somehow disabling the export options. Thanks

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