Data fields not exporting


forms > import/export

when trying to export the entry data from a form - I see the names of the various forms and can select the one I need, but it shows absolutely nothing below and offers no buttons to press either. (usually you can select the data fields you wish to export and there is an export button).

Anyone come across this before?
I’m running the latest version of both the plugin and WordPress to date

Hi Simon. It is most likely a theme or plugin conflict on the site, preventing the Gravity Forms scripts from running on that page. The first thing you can do is to try toggling the “No Conflict” setting on the Form Settings page. Try switching that to the other option, no matter which one you are using right now.

If that does not help, you can use these steps to check for theme and plugin conflicts:

Or on a live site, you can use our Debug add-on to check for theme and plugin conflicts on the site, without disrupting any site visits:

Finally, if you are a Gravity Forms customer, I recommend opening a support ticket.

The first steps would likely be the same as I suggested here.