Regular fields not displaying on preview unless at top of form

Normal fields do not display on the preview or the website front-end unless they’re dragged from the lower part of the form to a higher portion. Note that this is a fairly large form, but the web host says there’s no memory or other errors on their end.

Disabling all other plugins doesn’t help.

Other forms on the same website/host work fine.

Hi David, I recommend opening a support ticket, and including a form export and your system status report:

Include a form export:

Include system status report:

Open a support ticket:

Thank you.

Thanks for your help. My license expired, I would need to renew?

Without a license, you would not be able to open a support ticket. What is your Gravity Forms version and WordPress version?

Latest Wordpress, latest Gravity Forms

Hi David. We really need the system report and a form export, in additional to Gravity Forms logging and possibly web server or PHP error logging. It will be difficult to resolve here. In order to open a support ticket, I recommend renewing your license.

I will leave this open in case you are able to find other assistance in the community. Thank you.

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