Cannot Activate latest version of Gravity Forms with latest version of WPBakery [RESOLVED]

I’m just building a new website using Elision theme which uses WPBakery (ver 6.6.0). All was fine until I tried to add the latest version of Gravity Forms - when I activate it just crashes and won’t let me activate. Thanks

What error is logged when the site crashes? That will help narrow down what is causing the error and how to resolve it. Check the web server error log or PHP error log, or if you are getting a white screen about a critical error, WordPress will send an email with the error message to the website admin email address. Let us know if you have any of those. Thank you.

Hi Chris

When I try and activate gravity forms I’m getting this error:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


When I deactivate WPBakery Page Builder and then try and activate Gravity Forms it activates fine.

Hi. The 500 Internal Server error is a generic web server response code indicating there was a fatal error. What actually caused that error will be logged in the web server error log or PHP error log. Can you check there for Fatal errors? We need the actual error message to be able to help resolve the issue.

Hi Chris - all good, it was a memory issue! Thanks for your emails.

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That makes sense. Gravity Forms and WP Bakery are both substantial plugins with a lot of memory requirements.