After upgrading Gravity Forms to 2.4+ website crash

After upgrading Gravity Forms to 2.4+, my website crash and I really dont know why. I had to disable your plugin manually in FTP (renamed the folder) to go back our website. Could you help me solve that? The company that take care of our site closed and I’m a newbie to Wordpress.
I tried to open a ticket but it forced to add the system information , but I can not apply the plugin to get the system information, because my site crash after that.
I have the basic license.
Wordpress 5.4.2
My php 5.6
Is it possible to downgrade the version of the plugin?

Regards, Rogério.

Please contact your web host and ask them for the error logs. An error like that should be recorded. Once you have those details from the host please send them to us using our contact form, selecting the “other” choice in the “how may we help you?” field

Hello @richardw8k!
Thanks for answering. The guys from Godaddy is very hard to deal with. I restored the database backup in Godaddy and manually replace the plugin folder with a personal backup. After that I activated it and so far it is working. I will study it in details before updating again.

Tks, Rogério.

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