Can Gravity Forms send PayPal IPN from one site to another?

Hi all,

I am looking for a (free) way to direct PayPal IPN notifications to multiple sites, since the PayPal site only supports one.


I am developing a new website for our company and in an effort to not have downtime AND to thoroughly test the new site, I need IPNs to go to both the new site and the old site, which are at different domains, currently.

I know there are solutions like Zapier that can help with this, and I saw Sonic IPN does this, but neither solution is free. Both sites are currently running WordPress with Gravity Forms plugin.

So, if I send the IPN to the live website, is there a way I can have this site the IPN over to the development site? This way, I could accept payments on both sites. Both sites may receive IPNs for payments they did not process but would that mess things up?


Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue right now.

Am understanding what you are looking for correctly?

  • You are comfortable having some form of code/configuration/etc within your production environment that sends form entries or portions of their data to a development environment.
  • That development environment is publicly accessible.
  • The production environment receiving the IPN can/must be the trigger to instigate getting the data to the development environment.

If so, there are a number of patterns that Gravity Flow could support your use case. In particular, the Form Connector extension supports creating new entries on remote sites. Or you could combine the outgoing webhook step (on production) making API call to the development form with an incoming webhook extension setup that passes certain values across.