Woocommerce, gravity forms, and paypal

Hi our website has woocommerece installed for selling member only events via paypal. we would like to have a scholarship application form (allowing for users to return and edit, before completing the form) with a processing fee (payable upon completion/ to complete).

I believe I need the pro version as it has the paypal addon so I can embed the processing fee as part of the application. However my paypal IPN URL is already set for the woocommerce settings. Does anyone have experience setting up multiple IPN in PayPal, or know how I can have both woocommerce and gravity forms accept paypal payments?

Is there another way of setting up gravity forms to accept payment on a site with woocommerce? I dont really want applicants to have to enter their name and address twice once for woo commerce once for Gravity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Gravity Forms passes its own IPN URL to PayPal, and so does WooCommerce, so you can have both plugins on the same site and they will manage IPN separately for you.

Thanks Ross, how do I enter two IPN urls in Paypal? there is only one location/one line in paypal admin?

So long as IPN is enabled in your PayPal account and you have a valid URL there, the plugins will take care of the rest. They override the IPN setting at PayPal by sending their own notify_url with the transaction. Give it a try.

The IPN URL in PayPal is basically a fancy way to turn IPN on. The plugins both send their own IPN URL to PayPal when they process a transaction, so you don’t need to worry about it. Once you’ve set one IPN URL, it’s enabled, and the plugins will take care of the rest.

thanks, will put in a request for the funds to purchase teh pro version of the plugin.

One more question, if I purchase the pro version, and have issues will I be able to get a refund?