Adding a custom input field in one form

So I need to add the following input field to one form for tracking purposes. I am having trouble figuring out how to add this between . Any direction would be much appreciated.

<input type='hidden' id="zc_gad" name="zc_gad" value=""/>

Adding that in between the Gravity Forms form fields won’t get it captured in the form submission and likely won’t do what you want to do. What does that zc_gad parameter do?

If it’s for Google Analytics, I recommend using this plugin:

Hi Chris
Its for Google Adwords Tracking:

So go with the Event Tracking for Gravity Forms still?

Yes, I would recommend trying that. The hidden field with the name and ID won’t work in Gravity Forms. There are other ways to do it, but I recommend trying that plugin.

I don’t think that plugin will work. There is no way to add that custom input type through that plugin.

Actually that code () has to go in between the So I am thinking something needs to be added in the functions.php file?

My understanding was that the plugin handled everything, not that it allows you to adjust a custom input.

There are other plugins and approaches for using Gravity Forms with Google Analytics if you search. It’s not a built in feature of Gravity Forms at this time.