Google Analytics Addon [RESOLVED]

Hi there! I installed and connected the Google Analytcs addon to my WordPress website, but I’m not sure what to do from here?

Do I just wait for events to show up in Anaytics?

How do I mark these submissions as a conversion for Google Ads?

Thank you!

Bumping so this doesn’t close. If anyone could assist, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!

Hi Brittany. After installing and connecting the add-on, the next step is to create a feed:

This post from one of our developers covers this in-depth as well:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you, Chris for looking into this for me. I’m strugging to connect the dots because my setup appears different (or I’m in the wrong place).

My goal is to mark each gravity form submission as an event/conversion (simple setup only).

When go to set up a feed, I am presented with my Google tag manager triggers (none are related to Gravity Forms). I can set this value to “add a custom trigger” but I am not sure what is supposed to go into this section or how to find what I need for my Parameter Name or Value. Do I need to set up a trigger manually in GTM?

My Form Settings do not have settings, they say I need to “Add a Page field to your form to begin tracking pagination events.”. I am not sure what this means. We have many forms, but we do not have pages as a field in any of them.

Thank you again, I really appreciate it!

What version of the Google Analytics Add-On do you have installed? You can find this on the Plugins page or the Gravity Forms System Status page.

Here’s what I’m currently running. Thanks, Chris!

Hi Brittany. It looks like you have the latest releases, so that’s good. I recommend opening a support ticket so we can help you troubleshoot:

Thank you.

Hey Chris,

I gave that route a try, but they’re asking for a $250 payment for support with this addon (and directed us to community support). Currently, we’re really just looking for basic assistance to set it up and see if we can get it to perform basic tracking. It appears to be more complex than we initially thought, and I’m not sure if the documentation is outdated or if there’s another issue.

Thanks for your assistance in any case.

Hi Brittany. The Gravity Forms Google Analytics Add-On is an Elite add-on and requires an Elite add-on for support. The community can try to help support you when you’re unable to obtain support for lack of a license, but the complexity of setting up the Google Analytics Add-On makes that hard to do in the forums.

You are already running the latest software. You have the setup docs.

I recommend enabling Gravity Forms logging;

Then, test your form. Share a copy of your system status report here, or just the link to the Google Analytics log file (the link is in the system report) and we’ll take a look and see if anything obvious shows up in the log. Thank you.

Hey Chris! I found an article that helped me set this up and wanted to share if anyone else needs additional resources regarding Gravity Forms and Google Tag Manger configurations.

Thanks again for your time on this!