Set up Event tracking in GA4


I am trying to set up tracking of my form submissions in GA4. I have installed the Google Analytics Add-on.
I have selected the Google Analytics Connection type.

I don’t really understand what I have to do next in terms of set up.

It seems that I have to configure a feed but I don’t really understand what I need to do.
I can see that there should be a create/select event pop up but I don’t have that. All I have access to is :

  • Feed name
  • Event parameters
  • Conditional logic settings

Is the Feed name the event name that will appear in GA4 once a form is completed ? I’ve tried that and nothing show up in GA4 (real time report). I have a form_submit event showing up but I need to have the detail as I have several forms.

Could you help me with what I need to to ?

All I want is to have one event/form in GA4 each time someone submits a form.

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