GA4 Integration

I can’t seem to figure out the google analytics add on.

I am using the measurement protocol for integration. However the forms are still not tracking in analytics. I have created a feed, but they aren’t working. They aren’t very intuitive either.

Is a feed required to pass any event data in analytics? Or is it just to pass extra information in the parameters, like with google tag manager?

Once the events register, what are they named? What are the default names from Gforms?

TBF this integration could use some extra documentation with more clarity.

I have already looked at these documents. They aren’t very helpful

Hello. The best way to troubleshoot the Google Analytics integration is to enable Gravity Forms logging:

And be sure you are using the latest Gravity Forms release. If you are, and you still need help, please open a support ticket, and we can help you with it there:

Thank you.

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