Connect Gravity Forms to Universal Analytics AND Google Analytics 4

I have a client using Gravity Forms 2.5 to track donations and we are helping them migrate to Google Analytics 4.

Their “Event Tracking” options look like this:

Their Universal Analytics setup was built without Google Tag Manager, but we are building their Google Analytics 4 setup with Google Tag Manager.

Based on the documentation I’ve read, I believe that I have to change the tracking setup to us “Google Tag Manager” to get tracking working on GA4; however, since I can only select one tracking option at a time, this would break tracking on their Universal Analytics account.

Is there any way to track through both GA and Tag Manager? Or any other way to track one form on both UA and GA4?

Hi Mark. Our Google Analytics Add-On version 1.0 was released today, which allows to manually configure the Analytics account in Google Tag Manager so GA4 accounts can be used without an associated UA account. Is that what you are looking to do? If so, the 1.0 version of our Google Analytics Add-On should be what you are looking for. If you need something else, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Thank you.

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