Google Analytics won't connect to Gravity Forms

I am currently attempting to connect the Gravity Forms plugin to my Google Analytics account. Unfortunately while the linking process appears to go smoothly, it returns me back to the “Select Tracking Connection Type” page, as if nothing happened. I have updated Gravity Forms to the latest revision, and the GA add on is also the latest version. Logs are showing the following:

2023-02-10 16:05:38.886531 - DEBUG → Redirecting to Gravity API:

Would appreciate some assistance on this, thanks in advance.

Bumping this to the top. Still need support on this issue.

Hi Jim. These are not support forums but are a place where Gravity Forms users can share their knowledge. It does not look like any users have had the same experience as you, or don’t know how to resolve it. In order to obtain support, I recommend opening a support ticket:

With that, we can gather the information we need to assist you. Thank you.

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