Add custom field to Quiz Addon


I’m developing custom Quiz (Survey) system using Quiz Ad-don.

Default ‘Quiz Ad-don’ allow to setup a number of Answers for each question, and have custom column with ‘weighted score’ inputs.

For each Quiz Answer Field, I would like to add one more column with additional text field (similar to Weighted Score), to save my custom data related to each answer. After I will use conditional logic to display that data on Quiz results page, based on answer field value for each question.

Is this kind of things possible to achieve with GF?

I will really appreciate for any ideas on it

Currently I am thinking about development custom admin page, that will get Field Data from ‘Form Object’, and process additional inputs related to each ‘Answer’. But it is gonna be too complex for further form’s management.

Hi @BBanks !

I hesitate to respond here, because I’ve never looked at the “Quiz add-on”

I do have a new plug-in on GitHub that could potentially help you, and it might be worth your time to perform a test with it and your Quiz add-on. As I have no guesses if the is compatibility or not…

Specifically, in a generic GF context, all my “MFSFS” (aka “shared fields”) plugin does, is save a field’s entry input - any form or page - and support merge tags to use that saved data. This can be particularly useful by populating hidden fields with saved data, and leveraging “conditional logic” against the hidden field’s contents.

So, unlike the native “save and continue” feature, this new approach has nothing to do with entries and posts, the field inputs are saved using the Admin Label into either the WP database, or the user’s session (if they’re not logged in).

If this might interest you, documentation is on GitHub:


Hi James,
and thank you for the reply!

As I’ve read from your plugin’s description, it is a different kind of solution from the one I’m currently looking for :slight_smile:

But, as I can guess your plugin can slightly imporove UX of my future Quiz system, since there’ll be a lot of inputs in each Quiz. Keeping input’s data can really help, in cases like user connection problems etc. Definetly useful, and I will test it later on. Thanks!


Glad to read your positive impressions, working on such things for the “public good” is a labor of love lol, all forms of support are welcome for such lonely projects :slight_smile:

The original intent of the plugin, was to allow site creators an easy way to build up and maintain “profile data” attached to the user’s account. After the POC it was apparent there were other creative uses for this the added features, plus a “simple” enhancement to alternatively store saved data into the anonymous visitor’s session cache so accounts weren’t required.

ALL questions, input and feedback is most welcome at this stage, particularly in the documentation and demo side of things - since as we all know, Devs make the worst SAs heh.