Non multiple choice quiz questions


I use my quizzes to gauge the language level of students. I’d really like to be able to put some non-multiple choice questions in the quiz, and still have them count towards the final score. One example would be a picture of a key, and the question - ‘what is this?’

The answer field would be a single line paragraph, and if a student types in ‘a key’ then they would receive one point. Does anyone know if this is possible, or of any workarounds?

Two things I’ve tried:

  1. Using conditional logic to update a hidden quiz field. Ie if the student types in ‘a key’ then a hidden quiz field is set to the value of 1. I can’t see any way to update answers to hidden fields like this though unfortunately.

  2. Not using the quiz addon and instead assigning values to radio drop down answers, and then using a number field at the end to get the quiz score. Unfortunately I can’t see a way to assign values to single line paragraph texts.

  3. The most complicated, but the only one that works so far - linking form with google sheets and then running a formula whereby each correct answer is given a point, then creating a cell with the final answer. This isn’t ideal as I still need to then email the students their results, which would have to be done manually. I’m also expecting over 1000 tests per month so not sure how well this would fare.

Any help or suggestions gratefully received!

Hi guys, if I wanted to contact a developer to get a custom fix for this, is there anywhere you’d recommend looking first?

I would start here:

I’ll leave this open in case anyone else has a suggestion.