Conditional Logic Quiz

Hi Everyone,

Im facing a problem with my quiz. We made a quiz containing 4 categories (themes) from which customers can choose. After choosing their favorite theme, we made 5 questions that they can answer (about their chosen theme). I put a conditional logic that shows only the questions that belong to their chosen theme (this is working correctly).

The problem now is that when they complete the quiz, their score is calculated based on all the questions (20 in total). So if they answer all 5 questions good, the system thinks they failed because they passed only 25%. We just want the logic to calculate their score according to the 5 questions (100%). Also, we want to show them the answers afterward, but the system also shows all questions (20) instead of the involved questions (5).

How can we fix this problem without making different forms for each theme?

What you’re describing is the expected for the Quiz add-on. There’s no setting or filter to change this.

You can suggest to our product team any improvement or feature you wish in our roadmap page: Gravity Forms Roadmap - Gravity Forms

In the meantime, as workaround, you could stop using Quiz fields and use standard field types instead of Quiz fields, like checkboxes, drop downs or radio buttons fields with the “show values” setting enabled and put unique values for each choice of a field.

That would allow you to create your own calculation fields with the values for choices selected.

If you’re new to calculations the following documentation page provides more details about this feature:

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