Problem with Standards Fields

Good morning,

I’m building a form on WordPress using the Gravity Forms plugin. Only I’m encountering a problem on which I spent hours trying everything, tinkering with options etc, without results.

Here is my situation: The form questions are in “Radio Buttons” in the “Standards Fields” of Gravity Form. They are multiple choice with only 2 choices per question.

I have a problem with a multiple-choice question (2 proposed answers with a single answer is possible). I assign numerical values to these answers: for each of these 2 answers, I assign the value 2.

According to the answer among the 2 choices, the value assigned to the answer will be added in a different category with the other values of the other questions. The final goal is to add the number of values classified by categories.

Only, when I use “Number” with “Enable Conditionnal Logic” (I use 2 “Number”, one for each answer) and I try to do a :

“Show” this field if “Any” of the following match:
[Name of the question] “is” [Name of one of the two selectable answers]

The problem I noticed is:

When the values are the same for the 2 answers (example: 2 and 2), there is a drop-down menu with the 2 answers in which you can choose one of the 2 answers. Only, in reality, only one of the two answers can be selected unlike questions where the answers have different values, which disrupts the retrieval of values in each category because I can’t select the answer I want.

I’ve tried this too:

“Show” this field if “Any” of the following match:
[Name of the question] “is not” [Name of one of the two selectable answers]$

or again:

“Show” this field if “Any” of the following match:

or again:

“Show” this field if “Any” of the following match:
“starts with.”

and even:

“Show” this field if “Any” of the following match:
“ends with.”

I hope I made myself clear, I’m new to Gravity Form. If you have any questions, I’ll answer them. If you want screenshots, I’ll take them.

If you find my problem unclear I will explain it to you in more detail.

Please help me.

Your radio button values must be unique for this to work. If you’re using the value in calculations, you can use something like:


Those will match your conditional logic rules, but with add up as 2 with rounding to 0, 1 or 2 places. Let me know if that helps you accomplish your goal.

Hello Chris,

It’s a very good idea. You mean : if I write 2.000007
2.000001 and I round, it works ?

I will do that and I will let you know if that works.

A big thank you to you.

Have a good day.

That works ! Thanks very much. But in my radio buttons, there are questions with default choices : I mean that there are box ticked in advance and there are other questions with no box ticked. Do you know how I can remove the ticks of the choices in radio buttons please ?

Like that

Sorry for my English language, I am French :slight_smile:

Hi Audran,

Click the ‘+’ icon next to the option that is ticked to create a new one right underneath, then repeat the exact same text. Then delete the original option. You’ll get a warning about the conditional logic, but if the new option has the exact same text it will just take over the conditional logic so you can ignore the warning.

Hi Phil,

Thank you very much, I thank you.

Have a nice day !

But If I delete with “-”, is my number will be modified too ? I have 89 questions, it will be so long to all remake that. Moreover I have 4 Numbers per question.

You should only delete the option that is selected by default, not the entire question. And you should delete that option only after you have created a new, identical option. Unfortunately, I have no solution to your 89-question dilemma. :slight_smile: If all 89 questions have a selected option each, then you’ll have to do that for each question.

To be clear, there will be no default radio button selected in the form builder unless you selected one of the radio buttons (inadvertently, or on purpose.) Once you do that, it’s impossible to unselect (just like when you interact with a radio button field in the form).