I have a form which need to be added to every post

So i have a form which need to be added to every post. But the radio option need to be different for each post. Any idea how can i do that? I can’t pass option and value in query string. any other ways?

How many different posts (is it a fixed number or will it change and the form needs to be added to new posts as well) and, how do you determine when the radio option needs to be different on a post? And what is different about the radio option?

There is no fixed number posts. So i have added the form to a single post template.
i kind of need gravity form to pick data(from repeater fields) from each post and create that as radio option.
this is kind iof what i want to do.

This code works but the output comes as array.

on data base the value is stored like this a:4:{s:6:“item-0”;a:1:{s:6:“priced”;s:2:“12”;}s:6:“item-1”;a:1:{s:6:“priced”;s:2:“12”;}s:6:“item-2”;a:1:{s:6:“priced”;s:3:“121”;}s:6:“item-3”;a:1:{s:6:“priced”;s:2:“12”;}}

the var dump comes like this
array(4) { [“item-0”]=> array(1) { [“priced”]=> string(2) “12” } [“item-1”]=> array(1) { [“priced”]=> string(2) “12” } [“item-2”]=> array(1) { [“priced”]=> string(3) “121” } [“item-3”]=> array(1) { [“priced”]=> string(2) “12” } }

solved it

Thanks, Chandan. Let us know if you need anything else.