"Enable 'other' choice" option is gone

The “Enable ‘other’ choice” option is gone from my radio button fields. Whether it’s a new or existing form, if I add a radio buttons field, there is no checkbox to enable Other.

Old forms with radio fields that had “Other” already enabled still show the field when viewed by a visitor or in the editor, but it can’t be changed or turned off because the checkbox doesn’t appear.

Here’s an example in the editor of an existing field with Other enabled:

The Other field is also visible on the public-facing form page, but I’m not allowed to embed more than one image here.

Was something changed that removed this function, or is something broken on my end?

Currently running “Avada” theme v7.8 on Wordpress 6.0.1 with:
Gravity Forms - Version 2.6.4
Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On - Version 2.11
Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On - Version 3.9
Gravity Forms Signature Add-On - Version 4.3
Gravity Forms Survey Add-On - Version 3.7
Gravity PDF - Version 6.3.1

Try disabling the Quiz add-on, then reload the form editor page.

That worked, but I need the Quiz add-on for, well, some quizzes that we have, and had to reactivate it.

I’m guessing there’s a conflict caused by a recent GF or Quiz update. Any idea how to get around it?

Hi John, The product team has an open issue for this bug. We do not have a date for the resolution at this time, and there is no workaround at the moment. I added this ticket to the open issue so the product team has an idea of how many installations are being affected. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Okay, thanks for doing that.