"Other" option field in Checkboxes just like in Radio Buttons?

I see this has been asked and requested a few times before, a few years back, with zero response from GravityForms team in terms of implementing this in the core in any way, shape or form… so let me ask again - can you add the ability to “Enable other choice” in Checkboxes like you have in Radio Buttons, so that the form adds additional “Other” checkbox that, when checked, shows a text input field right next to it or below it allowing the user to fill that field with his own words.

This is basic stuff that shouldn’t take your developers more than 15 minutes to add into the core, yet, here we are, in 2022, and you still don’t have that option available… an option that literally 90% of other plugins and form wizards out there have had by default for years now.

Can you please look into this and get this sorted out in one of the upcoming GF releases?


Hi Metro. Please submit your feature request here:

That is the most certain way to put that in front of the product manager and the product team. Thank you.

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