Getting Quiz Field Weight in gform_after_submission

Hello guys,

I’m sending quiz data to an external SQL database.

My Quiz fields use weight, e.g.:

Q: Do you like rockn’roll?

  • YES [weight: 2]
  • Somewhat [weight: 1]
  • Not at all [weight: 0]

I can get the options “label”, e.g. “Not at all” by using rgar($entry, 6) but I need to be able to access the field “weight”.

How can I do that?

Thanks a lot,

Do you have to use a Quiz field for this? Why not a regular radio button field with those choices. Then, you can check the box “show values” in order to give each option a weight. Then you will be able to get the weight using rgar for your external database write.

The thing is I need all the QUIZ features (score, percent, quiz grade, etc…). I just want to do more with the data I got from the QUIZ entry.

So if I use radio buttons I would need to re-create ALL Quiz features, which kinds of defeat the purpose of having a QUIZ addon in GF.

This doesn’t make much sense, hence why I want to continue using Quiz but need to figure out how to get this field weight.

By the look of your answer, it looks like it’s not feasible??


I’d recommend opening a support ticket for this so we can get the form export from you and see what is possible.

Thanks Chris,

I’ve just sent it to the support team, along with some more details on my precise use-case and why I need this.

Thank you. I saw the ticket.