How to create a judging form? [RESOLVED]

I’m feeling a little stupid here. I want to create a form to enter judging scores for a science fair. There will be

  • judge’s name
  • student’s name
  • multiple categories (e.g., creativity, clarity, thoroughness)
  • total

Well, I can certainly figure how to do the names and password protect the form, but how can I make boxes for the judges to enter numbers?

If I choose ‘number’ I get a box that allows one to click through the numbers until I get where I want. The advantage here is that I can limit the range. But it’s awkward.

If I choose ‘user-defined price’ then the total is in dollars. I suppose we could live with dollars, but there is no way to limit the range.

Here is the form I made last year with a google form

It was unsatisfying for a variety of reasons, but at least it wrote the data to a spreadsheet.

I feel there is a simple answer and I’m just not seeing it.


Hi Ellen. Do you need to allow the typed-in entry of a number? Last year’s form used radio buttons, which seems like a good solution to the problem. What did you not like about last year’s form?

Radio buttons would be OK, but some fields have different weights. It was different from what the judges had used before. But I still need to do calculations on the numbers added so that judges can see their totals before submitting.

The problem with google forms was that it was limited to 1-10 points, there was no way to add the numbers to show a final score, and the form could not be password protected.

It seems there should be some way to use the pricing fields, but I cannot figure it out.

So here are the ways I have tried:

The survey would be perfect if I knew the way to convert a likert survey field to an integer.

HI Ellen. With radio buttons, you can check the box “show values” and then assign a unique number (weight) to each radio button selection. Your visible choices to the user would be 1 to 10, but then you might have a different actual value for each of those selections.

The values need to be unique, or it won’t work. If you have several choices which are weighted the same (for example, if 1, 2 and 3 are all worth 5 points) you need to use unique values that will still add up correctly. For my example with the values needing to be 5, you could do this:


Those will all add up as 5 when you are rounding to whole numbers.

Does that approach work for you? If so, the next step will be to add a number field to the form, enable the calculation, then create the calculation which is the sum of all your fields in the form. It would be all the merge tags, added together (you need to add the merge tags manually.) If your scoring fields were 5 through 14 (like name and other information is collected first in the form), this would be your calculation:

{:5:value} + {:6:value} + {:7:value} + {:8:value} + {:9:value} + {:10:value} + {:11:value} + {:12:value} + {:13:value} + {:14:value} 

That would sum up those 10 field values into one number field in the form. Do you think this will work for you?


Umm. Is this for a single line of radio buttons? I can take care of the weighting just by multiplying in the number/calculation field. But it does work as stated.

Is it possible to do that within the radio buttons in likert survey? That is a much more compact form.

Thank you.

The Likert field in the Survey Add-On won’t work like that currently. Are you able to make this work with radio buttons for your purposes?

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Yes. Thank you.