Multiple inputs--but make it radio [RESOLVED]

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Imagine a contest, with 40 entrants. Each entrant is rated in 2 areas on a scale of 1-5. You must make a form so that the judges can rate all of the contestants, but it becomes rather unwieldy to have your HTML field with the entry, and then your two Survey add-on fields that absolutely have to be labeled and valued correctly so that you can easily tabulate things on the other side. (But it’s possible–and what you’ve done for the past few years.)

First Q: wouldn’t it be nice to have a field where you could put the entry in the description, and it would have two distinct rows of radio buttons show up, all as part of one field? It would mean everything gets stored together easy peasy. But how? (I can manage to make a custom field with multiple inputs, following tutorials by the skin of my teeth, but ONLY if those inputs are text or check boxes. I cannot figure out how to get radio boxes to work. And it has to be radio boxes because people should only be able to click one rating in each of the categories.)

Second Q: Part of the reason I’m hoping to set up the form this way is because I really, really want to randomize the order in which people read the entries. With 40+ submissions, there is a lot of fatigue, and only a few voters ever really consider each entry. It would be great if all the contestants had a fair shot of having their story read by the voters, and if I could manage to get both categories into one field it’s pretty easy to use a GravityWiz snippet to randomize the order in which the fields show up. If I can’t combine, I can’t randomize, because then the radio buttons won’t be linked to the right entries, right? Or is there secret conditional I don’t know about where my radio button rating fields can be tricked into showing up only after their randomized HTML fields show up?

Anyway, all this is on an intranet site so I can’t post a link but any help or insight would be appreciated!

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Update! I figured it out. Not sure exactly why it works but I used the solution from this question: php - Custom Gravity Forms Field with Multiple Inputs - Stack Overflow
for each field I added a little table of radio inputs instead of one text input field. IDK exactly why this one worked and my previous attempts didn’t, but I’m pretty thrilled that now I can just create 40 fields instead of 120–next up is getting them to show up in random order.

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