Get radio button value in PHP (Quiz add-on)

Combination Gravity forms + Quiz add-on.

Desired operation:

  1. start Quiz;
  2. process different scores combined in PHP in the meantime;
  3. store these intermediate scores in different hidden fields;
  4. return the different individual calculated results {:<field_id>};

What doesn’t work (example ID):

$_POST[“input_26”] does not return the score value but a kind of hash.

Example code:

In order to calculate interim scores, I try to lend the results of different radio buttons in PHP, for example:

add_filter(“gform_pre_submission_4”, “wmd_evaluate_results”);

function wmd_evaluate_results($form)
$total = 0;

// add the values of selected results
$total += $_POST["input_26"];
$total += $_POST["input_65"];
$total += $_POST["input_64"];

// set the value of the hidden field
$_POST["input_67"] = $total;


Instead of a score value I get a hash as result, for expample: gquiz261fcfa040


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