Count and display results of selected radio buttons for a survey

Hi there
I am building a personality type survey form with Gravity Forms but i’m having difficulty with the scoring at the end. I have 17 questions, each with an A, B or C answer. The result of which I would like to show a percentage at the end showing the user how many of each answer they gave, thus giving them an answer of “you are mostly A/B/C”, for example.

I have the form set up with radio buttons with a value of 5, 10 or 25 for A / B / C respectively. I then have the values of each answer being calculated into a hidden field (Total) via $_POST. I’ve also set the basic conditional logic for the confirmations to say whether the user is mostly A/B/C, but I don’t know how to count and show the percentage of the total responses as i’ve highlighted above.

Can anyone give me a steer on this please?