I don't know the correct answer at the time of the Quiz

hello, I want to create a weighted quiz ( 1 point for each question) and make it available for users to answer, but I will not identify the correct answers at the time of the quiz, I will enter the correct answers after one week of the quiz deadline, I want to make sure I can do this in gravity form before paying for the plugin, I tried to do it in the demo version but it didn’t work, if anyone can help me create this type of quizzes or suggest another plugin that works, thanks

The use case described is not something you can do using the Quiz add-on out of the box.

You need to set the correct answers on form creation, for them to be stored correctly.

Then you can decide to display them live or after form submission, or not to display correct answers at that moment by using the confirmation settings. But if you decide to do this, showing correct answers after a week is not something you can do using the add-on built-in features, so you would need to hire a developer to set up something for you.

I’m not aware of any ready to use third-party solution to accomplish your use case.

Say hello to my little friend Gravity Flow

The merge tags such as {quiz_score} are calculated at the time they are called within a notification. So, @moelsayem - as long as your confirmation (following submission) and quiz settings don’t provide the instant feedback that would show 0/fail because all answers are wrong at the time of submission, you could easily:

The benefit of using the approval step (all entries assigned to yourself/admin) is that you could click the approve button to let one entry thru (i.e. submit your own entry and then allow it thru before the expiration date to ensure 100% right submissions = 100% right answers.


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