Setting Up Pick The (Football) Winners Contest

I’m good with all the aspects of building forms but need help on if the logic exists to automate a contest more.

  • I’ll be having users submit their picks of football games, just the winner between two teams.
  • My issue and making this feasible is being able to automate their wins and losses data without me manually checking each answer and measuring it against the real winner for each form.

I need something like a Quiz grading function but the catch is, they right answer won’t be known until after their pick and the game plays out.

Is it possible to have the form answers graded for each for question after the fact by using something like the Quiz functionality?

Thanks for any direction on this!

This is an interesting project. A couple links where I could see Gravity Flow being a very helpful part of the solution for you.

  • Create a step with an expiration for either Sunday or Monday evening that is assigned to an internal user account. This gets triggered via WP cron and would then allow the workflow to proceed to the scoring phase.
  • The Form Connector Update Fields step should let you define values into number fields to represent which games the user picked correctly. You’d need a separate step per game and it be comparing against a separate form which you submit the winning game results against.
  • A total field (hidden/administrative) that uses calculation to derive their total based on the sum of the game win fields.

The part that would require more configuration and testing is how to design it so that each week you do not have to do a lot of form/workflow settings changes. So that it should be as close to ‘setup the forms at start of year’ with the games/etc. and then each week just one set of identifying who the winners were. You may want to look at our Step Framework that allows you to create custom steps. Perhaps one step with the logic to update selection winners/tally instead of the Form Connector approach. Gravity View and Gravity Wiz Populate Anything add-on would be 2 other certified add-ons that I could see being very helpful to this effort.

Please share back if you make any big progress in this. I’m sure there are more than a few Gravity community folks that would enjoy setting up an “in-office only” fun league if it turns out as slick as you’re hoping.

Jamie (Go #Patriots)