Zoho Plugin: Missing/Changed Lead data without any changes to site or configuration

I am a developer who inherited an old site built by someone else. All of a sudden around December 4/5, the Lead Source column in the Zoho CRM changed from “Internet” to “Web Download” and the Lead Source Detail is no longer populating.

The site is WordPress (5.8.2) with the following Plugins for Gravity Forms:

  • Gravity Forms (2.5.15)
  • Gravity Forms Mailchimp Add-On (5.0)
  • Gravity Forms Zapier Add-On (4.1)
  • Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On (2.0)

I enabled the logging to see what data is being passed from the form, and it appears that it is sending “Web Download” as the Lead Source, and there is no key/value pair for the Lead Source Detail. I was able to see “Web Download” as an option in the Zoho form configuration dropdown for Lead Source, but “Internet” was no longer an option. Unfortunately, I do not have log data from before Dec. 4/5 when it was working, so I am unsure what data should have been sent for the Lead Source Details.

Has anything changed in the API (deprecation, etc.) that would cause this? Or are there any other ideas why it suddenly stopped working?

How can I get the correct data into Zoho, now, if something was broken? Is there documentation on how to populate those fields?

I’m not aware of any recent API changes for Zoho CRM. I would recommend you to open a support ticket providing your logs links and a screenshot of your feed setup.

After figuring out some things, I am able to again get the default fields but not a custom field.

I am not sure why it stopped working for no reason, but the original developer targeted children elements to pull the lead data from the cookies, and for some reason the child order in the Gravity Forms HTML changed, so it broke. They used hidden fields and populated the values based on the cookies set by Google Analytics. The client did mention they changed something in GA around the same time that it broke as well.

However, there is one custom field “Lead Src Detail” that is still not populating and I do not see them getting it from cookies or attempting to set it. I cannot find this field in the Zoho settings either. Is there a way to get the custom fields from Zoho to set into a hidden field as well?

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