Issue with Zoho CRM add-on not able to trigger the Review Process in Zoho CRM

Hello everyone,

We are new to using Gravity Forms.

After migrating our forms to Gravity Forms we have installed the Zoho CRM add-on to create feeds into Zoho CRM.

We have been able to get things working as far as authentication and feeds is concerned.

There is however one thing which does not function well: the potential leads coming from Gravity Forms are not being picked up by the Zoho CRM Review Process.

We have contacted Zoho Support about this and they investigated what is happening. They came back to use saying that when calling the Zoho CRM API an additional parameter is required :

Parameters: “process”:[“review_process”]

This should be added to the end of the API code.

Does anyone know how to do that? Is this something that requires an update of the add-on? Or is there a way we can make this change ourselves?

Your help will be much appreciated.