Zoho crm add-on, create lead failed notification

Is there a way from the add-on to be notified when a lead fails to be created in zoho? I see it logs a note when if fails, but I don’t see a way to be notified via email if creating a lead in zoho fails.

Yes, you can use the gform_zohocrm_error() filter to send a custom notification (or do anything else you like):

The slug will be replaced by the shortslug of your add-on, in this case zohocrm (reference.)

I like to use that with a custom notification event so that you can tie a notification to the failure with the Zoho CRM connection. See the Mailchimp example here for how to configure that:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Excellent, that is what I did this morning. The problem now, is that the add=on doesn’t support ‘picklist’, and there is a required field in ZOHO lead creation of a picklist, so any time a form is submitted to create a lead the addon wants a value for the required product (pick list) value, it can’t use it and errors out. The addon requires me to submit a value for this even though it can not be used. It can create the lead in zoho still with a value that can’t be converted/used but this produces an error as well, So the shortslug_error sends an error when a lead fails to be created (what i want) BUT ALSO when a picklist value can not be used.
A.) Is there a way to modify the error notification email content to contain all current notes?
B.) Is there a way to only send the shortslug_error when the error is equal to ‘Lead Creation Failed’
C.) is there a way to not disable required data for zoho on required fields in the addon setup that are not supported(picklists) eliminating the error message that isn’t an actual error.
D.)A way to automate the sending of all the notes from an entry 2 minutes after it is created?

Thank you very much. I appreciate you hopping on the thread to help!

Chirs, I think I tracked down a bug in the zoho CRM addon. In class-gf-zohocrm.php, line 1596 has

// If this is a non-supported field type, skip it.
			if ( in_array( $field['type'], array( 'lookup', 'picklist', 'ownerlookup', 'currency' ) ) ) {

Multi-select picklists are not supported and also not listed in this array thus they are set to required on line 1637. This will create an error. Could you get the dev for the add-on in touch with me?

Did you already submit a support ticket for this? If so, I can create an issue for the product team with that. If not, please let me know. Thank you.

No, sorry I haven’t made a ticket, I did make a post under zohocrm add-on yesterday though that may be better used as the ticket. Didn’t realize that was an option. Would you mind creating a ticket? Appreciate it.

I’ll create the issue. Thanks for digging in.

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