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We’re using the official Gravity Forms Mailchimp Add-On on one of our sites, and recently discovered an issue where we discovered Mailchimp was not receiving any contacts that were subscribing on the website. This ended up being a massive issue, with over 15,000 contacts that didn’t get imported over the past year, causing us to miss out on massive opportunity. It was devastating.

The issue was that one of the Mailchimp field mappings was set wrong, trying to set “Zip Code” in Mailchimp with “Entry Date”, for which the Mailchimp API was throwing an error as it was expecting a 5-digit number. We had to turn on logging to discover what the problem was.

My question is this: we fixed this issue (and obviously user error), but I can’t seem to find any way (custom code or otherwise) to be notified when a contact didn’t actually get imported to Mailchimp. The log shows a clear error, but it seems like the only way to know the error is there is to turn on logging and check the log manually. This is obviously impractical. Is there no way to be notified when there’s an error in the Gravity Forms log for this add-on?

General suggestion for the future of the Mailchimp plugin (or any other CRM plugin for that matter): if adding a subscriber to Mailchimp fails because of a field mapping, the plugin should add the subscriber anyway with the fields it does know. I can’t think of a single situation where having no information on a subscriber is better than having some.

You can use this hook with a notification on the form bound to a custom notification event that will be triggered if there is a Mailchimp error on feed processing.

There is an example of how to set this up specifically for Mailchimp in the examples of the hook documentation.

We use this similar setup with the Help Scout add-on to alert us if for whatever reason a support ticket fails to create in Help Scout from a from submission.

Thank you! That sounds like the ticket, and I will give it a shot.

Thanks again.

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