Issues with Zoho plugin

The ZoHo WP plugin for Gravity Forms has been installed and seems to be functioning after the fields have been mapped. The Gravity forms are now populating the CRM with leads, but there is a remaining issue: The ZoHo lead assignment workflows are not being picked up when leads came in from the Gravity forms. If no lead assignment is selected, my ZoHo workflows should take over, instead, the leads all get assigned to me for some reason. I reached out to ZoHo support who reviewed our implementation and they believe that the issue is somewhere on the Gravity side and suggested we investigate there.

Do you have the Workflow Mode option enabled in your Zoho CRM add-on feed settings?

Yes, the Workflow Mode is checked.

In that case all is fine from Gravity Forms side of things. The only thing the add-on does in relation to the Zoho CRM Workflow is to tell the API you want the lead to trigger your workflow setup. It doesn’t has any control over what the workflow does, that’s controlled by your configuration of the workflow rules in your Zoho CRM account:

To be clear, from the add-on side of things, it just adds a parameter ( wfTrigger ) to let the Zoho CRM API know you want the lead to trigger the workflow rules configured in your account.

So if the configured workflow is not working as expected, that’s something that needs to be reviewed in your Zoho CRM account by Zoho support.

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