Zoho CRM - Push Leads from Gravity forms to a specific layout in Zoho

Hi guys,

I’m using the Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On to integrate Gravity Forms with Zoho CRM.

I’ve created a new layout for my Leads in Zoho CRM and I would like to send the Leads coming from my Gravity forms to this specific new layout. For now, every lead are automatically sent to the Standart Layout in Zoho.

I’ve already tried to map the Layout field from Zoho with a hidden field with a default value = “Name of my new layout” in my gravity forms but it is obviously not working …


Hi Clément. Can you send me a screenshot of where you have that new Layout set in Zoho CRM? I am not familiar with that and may not have that option on my free account, but I want to investigate and see what is possible, or add this as a feature request if this is not possible. Thank you.

Hi @chrishajer ,
I’m replying here because I sent a support ticket for this feature exactly.
I also need to send my leads to specific new layout.

You need to know that the Zoho CRM is structured with Modules (Lead, Contact, Deals…) and Layout into the Module.

Lead module contains Layout “Standard” by default.
I created “Standard Spagnolo” to send Leads created from other language version of my website, because I need to separate leads depending on the country of origin.

I need different layouts to be filled by different countries (each Country has a dedicated Gravity Forms showed depending on where are my leads come from and depending from which Form send the lead to Zoho CRM).

I send you a Zoho CRM Lead screenshots.
screenshot zoho crm layouts

Thank you for sharing that @lukpapa. I found your ticket and it sounds like this is exactly what Clément needs.