Zoho CRM - Fields stopped being sent to Zoho (Invalid Data format)

Hello :slight_smile:

Something happened over the weekend and I can’t seem to troubleshoot it.

Some fields are no longer being sent to Zoho and are now receiving an invalid data format. Please see below for the fields that are not being sent to zoho properly. The only think that I changed since noticing this happened was upgrading to their new API

Custom Fields:

  • Checkboxes

Default Fields:

  • Entry date

I have attached a screenshot of the errors I am receiving

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue to get the quickest resolution:


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I see that one of the issues was resolved according to the zoho add-on changelog. Do you know when version 1.7.4 will be pushed as an automatic update? Would like to get this fixed asap.

Id uninstall the current add-on and upload the new version manually but removing the current version gives a warning of “This operation deletes ALL Zoho CRM settings” which i would like to avoid.

FYI - I’ve also been having issues with it. I’m working on it for a client. Hope to hear about a resolution soon!