Zoho CRM - Fetch New Custom Fields

Hi Guys, we’ve set up feeds in the Zoho CRM addon but since testing have added a few more additional fields to our leads template in Zoho, we’ve tried to clear the custom field cache via our WordPress dashboard but it doesn’t seem to pull in the new fields;

  1. Is there a time delay for how long it shoukld take to update
  2. Is there a limit as we’re only currently using the trial version of Zoho


They do save the API in their own Cache. Did you go to the plugin’s cache and clear that?

Forms_>Settings->Zoho CRM-> Clear Custom Fields Cache

If that doesn’t work, the cache is supposed to be cleared every 24 hours.

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The field mapping drop downs will only list supported Zoho field types, for types which aren’t supported by default you would need to use the “add custom key” choice and then manually enter the fields API name.

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