WordPress ECommerce Multi Option

I need some advice. I’m building a website with WordPress for a doctor client. I’m not sure what the best plugins to use for what is needed. I have access to Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Gravity Flow, and other plugins. I could possibly use a LMS plugin like LifterLMS (but would take some customization). I’d prefer to use Gravity Forms since I am familiar with it more than others. Maybe Gravity Flow would work.

My client is providing medical consultation through their website. They want to have an ordering page with a few options…

  • Standard Claim Review & Medical Document or
  • Express Claim Review & Medical Document

Once a user purchases one of the two options (using an ecommerce function), email notifications need to be automated.

The user would then be able to access their order dashboard and will be required to upload documents for each specific order. Technically they could order more than one of the two options at once. Each would needs it’s own Order Dashboard.

In each Order Dashboard will be the following Form Fields…

  • Document 1 - work history (single document upload)
  • Document 2 - personal statement (single document upload)
  • Documents 3 - medical history (multiple file upload)

Maybe some hidden fields tying the order back to their account.

The user needs ability to save and later reopen to upload other files if they didn’t upload all initially. The user needs to “submit the order for review.” (sending notification to doctor)

In the order dashboard, the doctor needs ability to upload a draft document for review by user after reviewing what they have uploaded.

User can either accept the document or ask for changes to be made by the doctor (paragraph/comment field).

Once user accepts document, the document uploaded by the doctor remains in their order dashboard to be downloaded any time (maybe like WooCoomerrce orders tab in My Account). The order is locked other than downloading the document provided by the doctor.

In the future the same user can create another order. This would giver them another order in their dashboard to upload the same medical documents. All the features would be the same.

The user could purchase two orders at once, creating two separate order forms or dashboards. Both needing the user to complete the same uploads above.

If you were building something like this, how would you do it? Can Gravity Forms help accomplish this or are there better options like an LMS? What plugins would you use? Thanks for your advice!

Definitely would be a use case where Gravity Flow could help you deliver the functionality you seek. On first read, it does seem like something focusing more on the Forms/Flow side would be a clean solution, but if you do decide to incorporate WooCommerce to it, the Gravity Flow extension for WooCommerce would be worth a look.

A couple links that may help jump start building and organizing your workflow, which your excellent write-up of key functionality should make a snap.

Hope that helps. Our wonderful support folks are there to assist should you run into any bumps on the configuration / learning curve process.