Gravity Form to create order in woocommerce

I have an order form where clients fill out their order for a particular product.
I just want it to create an order in woocommerce so it can process like the rest of the products. & so clients can get their invoice from account page etc.

Can “Advanced Post Creation” do this? I don’t have elite but i’ll upgrade if i need to.

Otherwise, how can i get the form to create a woocommerce order?

kind of stumped as i haven’t been able to find anything on the net.

Because the WooCommerce API is an extension of WordPress REST API, you should be able to create the order via an API call. This is a fairly comprehensive how to guide that if you were to combine with either the Gravity Forms Webhook Add-On or Gravity Flow’s outgoing webhook which includes response mapping it should be something you can tackle with a few settings rather than code.

FYI - Gravity Flow does have some other solid integration / step types for WooCommerce, but they are generally from the perspective of Woo as starting point.


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Thanks Jamie,

I have the elite version now so i’ll give that a shot. i am a bit of a beginner so hopefully i can get it working via that guide you sent.


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