Woocommerce products not showing on social media run by forms


So I have some products that I use a form for. So they are set at zero price. All the calculations are done within my form as they can select different quantities and get a discount when they go over and above a certain amount. There are some other things I built into the form that I can use the main woo products for.

They never allowed me to tag them on instagram shopping. So I ran a test and made 1 of the products £1 and it now lets me tag it. So I’ve figured out how to tag them.

I’ve removed the quantity price from the products and only use the form. So the issue I have is that I set the base price of the product in the form. So that if they buy 1 or 100 it prices accordingly.
However if I set the price in woocommerce it will add on that price once to the total without explaining. This is fine when I set it to £1. But I would like my customers to be able to see that charge.
Ideally I would like to be able to set the base price in the woocommerce item itself and the quantity field in my form uses that price.
I’ve tried to do it that way. But if someone orders 100. It only adds the woocommerce price once.

I really need my items to be taggable on instagram, but would rather not be just adding £1 to everything that my customers may ask where
It came from (as it just adds to total and doesn’t explain where it came from)

I hope this make sense

This is the form where I’ve added £1 to the actual woocommerce product

Thanks in advance


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