Instagram Shopping not working on Products Created with Forms


So I run a woo shop and tag quite a lot of my products on Instagram, however I have an issue with products that I have created and use a form for are not showing up on my catalogue for instagram and facebook.
Looking into it, the reason is that the product needs a positive price. I currently have them all priced at £0 because I run all the calculations in the form - I have also removed the woocommerce price and display a From £xx.xx label.

Is there a way that I can get a price into the product, but not have my form include it into the overall price of the item? When I tried it out and added more than 1 item, it just wasn’t working at all.



Gravity Forms doesn’t include any built-in integration or support for WooCommerce. I would recommend you to contact with the author of the third-party add-on that you use to integrate Gravity Forms into your WooCommerce product for advice.

Hey Samuel, I don’t use any 3rd party add on - I am just looking to find out if I can make the form ignore a price from the calculations in my form if possible?

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