Product Add Ons - Pricing Display Issues

Hi all,

Just a quick background - I am a professional landscape photographer that sells my work in the form of prints and wall art. I offer multiple mediums (e.g., acrylic, metal, paper) and each medium has its own customization options (e.g., frames, surface finishes, etc). This being said…

I am using the Product Add On extension to Gravity Forms in coordination with my WooCommerce store on Wordpress. To make this easier to understand, I will use an example. Let us say the premise is: a certain print that has a base, minimum price of $100 (this is what would be seen in the store catalog - i.e., “Starting at $100”). Now, $100 is in reference to the smallest size print offered, let’s say 8x10. The customer has the option to pick a larger size such as 12x18 for $300 (instead of $100). The customer can also choose to further customize the print with finishes, mounting options, and so forth. Let us say this comes to an additional $200. The total before tax and shipping would therefore be $300 (the print itself) + $200 (customizations) = $500. Now here is the issue:

1.) When the customer adds to cart and goes to checkout, the total he/she ends up seeing is $600, NOT $500 as it should be. The reason is, the algorithm is treating the base price of $100 as separate from the $300, because it sees the $300 as an “add on”, when in reality its just a size upgrade. Is there anyway to treat the different sizes and their prices as their “own base price”? In other words, I want all the sizes to be treated as the product, and only the customizations to be treated as actual add ons. Currently the system is treating different sizes as add ons themselves, which ends up incorrectly increasing the price during checkout.

2.) I realize that I have the alternative option of reducing all my size pricing by the product base price, so that it all adds up correctly in the end. So in this example, make the 12x18 print $200 instead of $300, so then it adds $200 to the base price of $100 to arrive at $300. Besides the fact that this is a highly laborious task for me (to change all the prices), it is also confusing for the customer because in general, we perceive different sizes to just be a different base price, not an add on. I want to avoid having the customer see something like: increase your print size for another additional $200. Instead I want them to see: you can pick a larger print for $300 instead. I also know one more option is to create a whole new product for each print size but the fact is, there would be way too many products and that would be confusing and slow down my site. I would rather have each product be a combination between a picture and a medium (i.e. 5 pictures x 3 mediums = 15 products, but if I include sizes as their own product then it would be 5 pictures x 3 mediums x 7 sizes = 105 products, which would overload the site and be a mess).

3.) This also is convenient for the end calculations, as it can be broken down better. The subtotal would show the sum of 2 different components - the print, and the customizations. But when the system treats different sizes as “add ons”, it essentially moves everything into the customizations category. The end result is the print portion showing $100, the customizations showing $400 ($200 for actual customizations and $200 extra for the larger print), and a sum of $500 (but then as I mentioned in the first point, the WooCommerce checkout adds another $100 making it $600).

So basically at the end of the day, I want to know three things: is there a way to treat my sizes as different base prices rather than add ons, how do I stop woocommerce from adding the base price again, and is there a way to easily breakdown the final calculations accordingly (i.e. Print + Customization = Subtotal + Tax + Shipping = Total).

I know this is really confusing so I am sorry in advance!!

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