Product Add-on cost not being added to total [RESOLVED]

We have a gravity form that allows customers to add monogramming to certain products in our ecommerce store for a fee. For some reason it has stopped adding the additional cost so customers are getting these add-ons for free now.

I’ve taken a look around to see if I can spot the problem but so far not seeing anything.

What might be causing this issue and how can I troubleshoot it to identify the cause? I was not the person who set this up originally, although normally I’m pretty handy with WordPress and WooCommerce and have set up Gravity Forms elsewhere. Any ideas/assistance would be greatly appreciated!

If you want to see an example, see

It seemed to be working for me. I selected the yellow throw and it came up $475. When I added three letter monogram the price increased to $595 (it was a $90 option for the first three letters.)

Is that not happening for you?

Thanks for your prompt reply.

What’s happening is if you go to the cart you’ll see it’s not including the cost of the monogramming when you check out.

I think I’ve identified the issue: a glitch in the Woo Discount Rules plugin–I used that to mark down the entire inventory 20%, and when I go onto my development site and remove that discount rule, the problem goes away (it also solves the problem that the “Total” on the product page is not reflecting the discounted price).

Looks like I’ll have to manually set the sale pricing for all the monogrammable products–tedious!

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

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