WooCommerce order email not showing product option [RESOLVED]

I’m using the “Product Add-ons” extension for WooCommerce to add product option fields to our order form.

One of the options is a colour selection, for which I’m using radio buttons. The label is set to a small image (e.g. ) and the value is set to the colour name (e.g., Black).

When a customer places an order, the email that we get does not include this particular field, nor does the order summary in WooCommerce show it, and I can’t figure out why. All of the other option fields are populated in the email and on the order summary. We are able to view the Gravity Form entry to see the colour, but this adds several extra steps to order fulfillment.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/advice!

Hi Ian. Have you already checked with support for the Woocommerce Product Add-ons for Gravity Forms? We don’t have any control over the email that is sent by Woocommerce.

Thanks Chris, will do. Wasn’t sure if I’d missed a setting or something somewhere.

Hi Ian. There are no settings on our side for this. Please let us know what you find out.

The solution was to update the functions.php file to force WooCommerce to use the values instead of labels:

add_filter('woocommerce_gforms_use_label_as_value', function($label_as_value, $value, $field) {
    //You get your field id by editing your form and looking that the fields ID from there. 
    if ($field['id'] == 'Your-Field-Id') {
        $label_as_value = false;

    return $label_as_value;

}, 10, 3);
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Thank you for the update.