Order list in e-mail

Hello, I have a question about a form for my flowershop.
There is a difference in the order list that the customer receives by e-mail and in the submitter list in my administration section of the form. In this example, the customer is missing ‘Bouquet price’, both in the email and in the Gravity PDF that is sent. I would like to see that not only the price but also the label is properly displayed.

And a second question: can I hide the Quantity (Hoeveelheid) column because it always concerns 1 product.

Looking forward to an easy solution, thanks in advance!

Does anyone know the answer? or is my question too unclear?

Hi Mariëlle. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue, and be sure to include a form export for support to look at.

Instructions for exporting a form:

Open a support ticket here:

Thank you.

Thanxs Chris, I have sent a support ticket to the team.

Hi Mariëlle. I see that you have an answer to your support ticket already, so I will close this topic. If you need anything else, please let us know.