Help - Price information is wrong in the Gravity form but correct when a product is chosen and added to the cart?

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a problem which I would welcome some advice about.

I trying to change some prices on a website which is using a Gravity form as the main online purchase form. In this form the user can select different options for the product they want to buy and when they are finished they are able to add the chosen product to the cart.

When I open up the Gravity form and go to where the prices are listed and open up the EDIT CHOICES option the Price information in the LABEL field and the PRICE field are wrong but when I test the form by selecting a product and add it to the cart the price of the product is mysteriously correct.

Does anyone know what is going on here? As I need to change the prices on the website but not sure how to go about it with this issue.

Hi James. I recommend opening a support ticket and including your form export:

Instructions to export your form:

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Do you have to have an active license to open a support ticket? Because I believe we do not have an active license.

Many thanks.

I would think the prices are maybe without Taxes or there is a javascript or something that changes the prices. What happens if you change a price?

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