Display issues on IOS

Gravity form is not displaying prices in a drop down menu nor conditional logic on IOS platform. It displays OK on Windows and other platforms. I have tried opening a ticket but no one replied after the first communication. I have the premium version of GF. Needless to say, this has been very frustrating.

Hi Jacqueline. What is your ticket number? I can look into it for you.

Hi Chris, I wrote to Gravity Forms Priority Support in early May and on May 10 was asked to send in the system report but never heard back since then. Are you in the same department? I don’t see a ticket number on their email.

The ticket number will be in the subject line - it’s six digits. I am in support. We don’t have any tickets sitting around unanswered from May or May 10. I recommend writing in again or finding the six digit ticket number so I can look into it. I only see one ticket from you about the Elementor widget, on May 10, but nothing related to this issue. The best bet is probably to open a new support ticket.

Nope, no numbers in the email subject line. Can I open a new support ticket here?

No, this is not a support forum, and when you open the support ticket we will gather some initial information from you to get started. I recommend opening a support ticket here:

Thank you.

Thanks. Going to do it right now.

Can I ask you another question about integrating Authorize.net with Gravity Forms?

Sure, what’s up?

Actually, I was able to figure it out.

Just the drop down and conditional logic for IOS mobile is really bothering me. The clients want to launch the website tomorrow so I know I won’t have time to get any help from Support. I have to give them a very ordinary solution and they aren’t happy…