Gravity form not appearing on devices without cookies from the website

Hi everyone,
I ended up here after looking for a solution to my problem. The gravity forms just don’t appear on any ios device. And I am not sure why is this happening - plugins, theme or conditional logic?

Can you share the URL to a page on your site where we can test the form?

It is most likely a JavaScript error that is causing the form with conditional logic to remain hidden.

Hi Chris,
Of course:
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So I tested out the conflict and it seems the issue is with the theme. I am using DIVI (child theme). Has anyone had any similar problems? When i switch to twenty seventeen theme the forms appear normally. I have deactivated all the plugins and there is no changes.

Hello Ivor. I recommend reporting the issue to Divi to see what advice they have for resolving the conflict. Thank you.

Thanks Chris!

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