Radio Buttons use IMG tag, but want it to post the value not the thumbnail

Hey guys, I’ve been looking to buy this plugin for a while now, and my friend let me test drive it on her site to see if I liked it better. Here is my question: I made a form that uses IMG tags in the labels to select product options, but when it is listed in the cart, I want it to show the value of “Circle” instead of the image. Is this possible?

Also, I’ve been using the product addons plug-in for woocommerce, but might switch to the Gravity Forms plugin as I can make sure it does a couple of things. Like can I have a table or form selections show at the bottom of the form? Like a running summary?

Sorry for the formatting, and thank you in advance.

Hi Mel. We don’t have any control over what is shown in the cart. There may be a filter in the Woocommerce Product Add-Ons plugin that allows you to show the value, rather than the image label:

Gravity Forms does not offer that feature. If your cart software does, and you require that, I recommend sticking with that.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

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