Whitespace above email image and text

Hi Team

I’ve created an email notification in a table in an email so it can be centered in the middle of the mail client.

When I inserted the code and it is triggered from a gravity form insertion it has almost 2 inches of white space above the table.

If I remove formatting its worse.

here is my code

![I pledged a Tree|566x150](upload://vOuqThOSyBFY7ruZaKeGJA81pmY.jpeg)

When you look at the code through here it’s not an issue

Hi Charles. I am not able to see the image here, and I can’t see the configuration of your notification, but if you are using your own HTML to format the email, please be sure to check the box “disable auto-formatting”. It’s a checkbox setting at the bottom of the Notification page. That will prevent WordPress from adding < br > tags whenever you have a carriage return in your HTML. That could be what is adding all the whitespace. If that is not it, I recommend opening a support ticket so we can get your form export to check the configuration:

Thank you.

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