Notification Email with Conditional Statements Issue [RESOLVED]

Hi all,

this is my first post here but I am having an issue with the notification email that is sent upon submission of my form.

I have 21 checkbox items and depending on which is selected. I’m using the conditional shortcode to display different links depending on which checkbox is selected.

All of that works properly but the in the notification email the items that were not checked still create a space as if they are there. (See photo)

I am wondering if there is a way to remove the extra space?

EDIT: Sorry I found the answer after a little googling here:

EDIT 2: Just to help a little more incase anyone needs this just do CTRL+F and search for “Spacing Issue with Multiple Shortcodes” (WITHOUT the quotes) it’ll take you right to the answer.


Thanks for adding the link with your edit!

That makes it easier for others with the same question to find the answer too :smile: