Insert a symbol such as "/" in all fields of the mail notification that have not been filled in

Can a symbol appear instead of the empty space in the notification mail in all fields that are not filled in?

Allergies: /
Allergies: (empty)

Hello. It looks like you are using a customized email notification, which means you are using individual field merge tags, correct?

If that is the case, you can use the conditional shortcode to output a / rather than blank when the entry field has no value.

Your notification body would look like this in every place where you have a non-required field (where the entry field could be empty):

<span style="color:green;">Bagaglio:[gravityforms action="conditional" 
merge_tag="{Field ID:24}" condition="is" value=""]/[/gravityforms]
{Field ID:24}</span>

That conditional shortcode says “Output / if field 24 is empty”. It also outputs field 24 by default, so if there is anything in field 24, it will be output as well (if it’s empty, it won’t matter, and if it has a value, it will show because the condition failed and no slash was output.)

If that is not how you have created your notification (using individual merge tags) please let us know and we’ll see what other options there are. Thank you.

Thanks a lot,
but isn’t there a snippet that does it automatically on all empty fields?

There is no ready-made snippet for that that I’m aware of. You would need to create it. I started making one for the {all_fields} merge tag, but then I realized you’re using individual merge tags.

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